Hello, barbecue connoisseurs!

Before we make the presentation of our products, we want to alert you that we have developed and produced such grills that every consumer would like to have in his household, but unfortunately not everyone can afford it because of the high factory-cost and despite the balanced profit we’ve added, the final price can not be low. Our products are not targeted at the mass consumer who is looking for low-cost goods because of a lack of funds or other considerations. The target Group of our clients knows that low-priced goods are always of low quality and respect the English proverb 

“I’m not so rich to buy cheap goods.”

We realize that the market / real or virtual / is full of proposals and offers for household electrical grills which is the subject of our work. We do not worry about this fact because few Bulgarian manufacturers offer fully stainless tubular grills on the market. Most often only pseudo – grills with low quality are widely available for the users.

The imported grills are not made of this segment of the tubular electrical grills as our products are. Our grills are compact, light and they have an attractive design. They are equipped with one concertina wire and a metal grille on it or a ceramic plate / smooth or ribbed /. Our grills also have a mounted thermostat which switches the wire off if they are on MAX power in order to prevent overheating and only when a power is needed for grilling but not for parching the foodstuffs. Torrefying and parching the products are the main disadvantages of the other grills which are imported from other countries. An imported stainless tubular electrical grill is very rare at the market, but when it is available its price is very high.

An important fact which you must know is that the best grill uses charcoal and this allows us to have the best grilling and in this way the taste of the food is the best, too – it is an authentic smoky taste made by the original source of heat – the wood. Note – these grills haven’t got thermostats. Unfortunately using them you have some inconveniences such as need of space and a proper place to put the grills , and time for kindling the charcoals and formation of embers, time for fully burning and extinction of the fire /these grills cannot be simply switched off /and so on.

That’s why the tubular grill is invented which is the only one that approaches to the results of the grill mentioned above. This grill can be used almost everywhere in our homes, it is heated easily and no charcoal or other fuel is needed for heating it – you need only an electrical outlet nearby. When the grill has a good measured power according to the working area, it is not necessary to have thermostats. You haven’t seen kebab restaurants to use other grills different from the tubular ones, have you? Such restaurants use only tubular grills.

The construction of our grill is designed and completed according to the ergonomic, environmental and sanitary – hygienic norms. All elements of the grill including the fastening parts are stainless which means that no rust and paint will penetrate into the food. The elements are cut, folded and assembled with a perfect accuracy which facilitates the maintenance and cleaning of the grill and this guarantee long and durable usage. The grill is produced with the highest quality, confirmed by notified and accredited body – CTEC / Center for Testing and Certification –www.ctec-sz.com / and by a certificate of conformity with the European norms № LVD-14-000-( 2-14-877 )-025.

Dear users,
Everybody makes their choice of buying a grill according to their requirements and purchasing power, but if you would not like to be disappointed by your choice, you must know that a product at a low price cannot have high quality.Such products always have poor quality.

For those of you who look for a professionally made grill with high quality / at the price of a pair of lady’s boots or a handbag which you use for only two or three years /, we – with pleasure and responsibility offer you our product / which you can use all the year round or for many years / and you can read the details for our grill in the “Products” section.