Delivery – way, term and price. Refusal to accept delivery.

The delivery of the ordered goods is done by a delivery company. The delivery time to the destination destination chosen by the user is up to 5 business days. When the product is unavailable, we are required to notify you within the above deadline and to specify a new delivery period. The manufacturer is not responsible for delaying orders due to the courier company’s fault, inaccurate address or other force majeure circumstances, but for any reason, he or she is obliged to notify the User of this and indicate a new delivery date. The price for the delivery of goods is determined by weight, size and destination according to the prices of the delivery company concerned. heir price lists are available on their internet sites.
The user has the right to check the goods delivered and delivered before accepting it and paying by the courier company.
The consumer has the right to refuse to accept the shipment if the amount to be paid to the courier does not match the amount due. In this case, we ask the User to contact the Manufacturer immediately to resolve the nonconformity.
If the goods are damaged due to improper transportation or are missing and damaged, the user may refuse to accept the goods and, in the presence of the courier, make an entry in the bill of lading. A statement of findings is prepared describing the condition of the shipment at delivery and its packaging. In the event that the customer takes the consignment under his own responsibility and fails to submit his claims to the courier, the claim is invalid.