Claims and returns of products

Claims are accepted by email or other customer-friendly way, indicating the reasons for the claim. The manufacturer reserves the right not to accept the customer’s finding if he finds that his claim for a claim is unjustified or is due to misuse by the User. The manufacturer shall notify the customer of his opinion on the telephone or e-mail he has specified.
According to Art. 55, para 1 of the Consumer Protection Act (CPA), the User is entitled, without due compensation or penalty and without giving any reason, to give up the received goods within 14 (fourteen) working days as of the day of receiving. The user is obliged to notify the Producer in writing of his wish to return the goods to an email:, and return it to the specified address from the Manufacturer, the return costs being at the expense of the User. The user is obliged to store the received, their quality and safety during the term under art. 55, para 1 of the CPA. In order for products bought back to be returned, it is imperative that they be in good condition without being used and without compromising the integrity of the packaging. The products must match the type they have received from the User. Refunds and refusals are not subject to products that do not meet these conditions under the CPA. The manufacturer has the right to refuse the return of a product according to the applicable legislation.
In the event of a return of a product already delivered and compliance with the conditions of the packaging’s entirety and non-use of the goods, the Producer shall refund the value of the products within the 30-day legal term to a bank account specified by the User. All costs incurred by the User for the receipt and return of purchased goods, bank commissions, and other costs beyond the value of the products of the order remain at his expense.