Dear clients,
We offer to you the general conditions for online shopping from the site

Acceptance and consent
Acceptance of these terms and conditions is mandatory for you to use the services at (hereinafter referred to as the Site). They govern the relationship between Balance 09 Ltd., hereinafter referred to as the Manufacturer and you, hereinafter referred to as the User. Accepting them is a contract between these two countries, on the basis of which you have the right to view and purchase the goods offered on the Site. The site may be viewed by Users free of charge without registration.
By ticking the box “I agree with the terms and conditions”, the user makes an electronic statement in the meaning of the Electronic Document and Electronic Signature Act, stating that he is familiar with these General Terms and accepts them in full and undertakes to abide by them unconditionally.

In order to have the right to place orders for the purchase of goods from the Site, the User must fill in the electronic registration form, indicating the correct data necessary for the issue of the invoice, as well as a valid address, telephone number and e-mail address. The manufacturer confirms the registration, by sending a letter to the specified e-mail address from the User.
Personal Information for Individuals:
* Name
* Full and accurate delivery address
* Contact phone
* E-mail address
The information provided by individuals is classified as personal and protected by the Manufacturer as such.
Information for legal entities:
* Company name
* Company data – headquarters, UIC (Bulstat), VAT ID
* Exact delivery address
* Contact phone
* E-mail address
The user is obliged to keep up-to-date the submitted information and to make timely changes regarding the change of address, telephone number, e-mail. The manufacturer is not responsible for undelivered orders due to outdated information and re-sending is accepted by the User.

Privacy of personal data
The manufacturer Balance 09 Ltd. protects the personal data of the Users, provided when filling in the electronic forms for registration under the Personal Data Protection Act. The manufacturer may use personal data only for the purpose of servicing users when accepting and executing orders and in the event of problems arising from the order. The provision of personal data is only possible when information is requested from state authorities and persons authorized by law. Upon the User’s request, his client’s account, along with all the related information, may be deleted from the database.

Limitation of Liability
The manufacturer is not responsible for consequences and possible damages resulting from force majeure, incidental events, Internet problems, technical or other reasons for access, use or inability to access the Site. In case of overcoming the security measures and subsequent loss or dissemination of information, access or limitation of access to information and other similar consequences, the Manufacturer is not responsible. The manufacturer is not responsible for the damages and consequences in the case of a false identity of a third party presented to the consumer. In case of suspicion of penetration into the Client Profile, the User must immediately alert the Manufacturer.

The products offered for online sales are produced by the company owner of the domain (“Balance 09”) and are of guaranteed quality confirmed by a notified and accredited body CESE (Testing and European Certification Center – ), issued a certificate of compliance with the European norms №LVD-14-000- (2-14-877) -025.

Orders – creation, pricing, and method of payment. Cancel order.
The site provides a convenient interface for creating your order. After confirming the order, you will receive a confirmation letter with the number and date of the order as well as its content and the final price at the email address you specify. The price of the goods listed on the Site is final, in BGN with VAT included and is not subject to change from the moment of ordering until the time of payment. They do not include the delivery cost to the User. The payment type is “upon delivery”. Payment of the order is made to the courier upon delivery.
The user can reject his order before it is prepared and handed to a delivery courier.

Delivery – way, term and price. Refusal to accept delivery.
The delivery of the ordered goods is done by a delivery company. Срокът на доставка до избраната от Потребителя крайна дестинация е до 5 работни дни. When the product is unavailable, we are required to notify you within the above deadline and to specify a new delivery period. The manufacturer is not responsible for delaying orders due to the courier company’s fault, inaccurate address or other force majeure circumstances, but for any reason, he or she is obliged to notify the User of this and indicate a new delivery date. The price for the delivery of goods is determined by weight, size and destination according to the prices of the delivery company concerned. heir price lists are available on their internet sites.
The user has the right to check the goods delivered and delivered before accepting it and paying by the courier company.
The consumer has the right to refuse to accept the shipment if the amount to be paid to the courier does not match the amount due. In this case, we ask the User to contact the Manufacturer immediately to resolve the nonconformity.
If the goods are damaged due to improper transportation or are missing and damaged, the user may refuse to accept the goods and, in the presence of the courier, make an entry in the bill of lading. A statement of findings is prepared describing the condition of the shipment at delivery and its packaging. In the event that the customer takes the consignment under his own responsibility and fails to submit his claims to the courier, the claim is invalid.

Claims and returns of products
Claims are accepted by email or other customer-friendly way, indicating the reasons for the claim. The manufacturer reserves the right not to accept the customer’s finding if he finds that his claim for a claim is unjustified or is due to misuse by the User. The manufacturer shall notify the customer of his opinion on the telephone or e-mail he has specified.
According to Art. 55, para 1 of the Consumer Protection Act (CPA), the User is entitled, without due compensation or penalty and without giving any reason, to give up the received goods within 14 (fourteen) working days as of the day of receiving. The user is obliged to notify the Producer in writing of his wish to return the goods to an email:, and return it to the specified address from the Manufacturer, the return costs being at the expense of the User. The user is obliged to store the received, their quality and safety during the term under art. 55, para 1 of the CPA. In order for products bought back to be returned, it is imperative that they be in good condition without being used and without compromising the integrity of the packaging. The products must match the type they have received from the User. Refunds and refusals are not subject to products that do not meet these conditions under the CPA. The manufacturer has the right to refuse the return of a product according to the applicable legislation.
In the event of a return of a product already delivered and compliance with the conditions of the packaging’s entirety and non-use of the goods, the Producer shall refund the value of the products within the 30-day legal term to a bank account specified by the User. All costs incurred by the User for the receipt and return of purchased goods, bank commissions, and other costs beyond the value of the products of the order remain at his expense.