Dear Clients, the appliance you have bought is intended to be used in household at home. It is made of high quality materials and therefore it has a high degree of reliability and security in operation.

But if during the warranty period a manufacturing defect is found, you must consider the below mentioned conditions. Compliance with the requirements in the instructions of the appliance is part of the warranty conditions.

The guarantee period is five years from the date of the purchase.

The Warranty card is a unique document which is not subject to amendment or reissue. The Warranty is valid if you have completed all the necessary data in it, accompanied by the invoice (or cash receipt)!

Inspect and test the appliance at purchase (or when you receive it from the courier). Transport defects are not recognized after the product was paid and accepted by the buyer.

Territorial scope of the commercial guarantee: European Union Countries.

Warranty service is performed only in the manufacturer’s service centre.

Person to assert a complaint or return a product: A representative in a shopping centre of the seller.

External and detachable structural parts are not subject to warranty, because they can be inadvertently (or by accident) damaged by the customer ( the cover, the tray for collecting fat, the power cable and the plug, the silicone washers or clouts of the feet of the appliance).

The Warranty conditions do not apply to damage caused by: failure to comply with the instructions for operating, transport and storage; when during the warranty period an attempt has been made for repair by the user or by other persons; as a result of careless working with the appliance by the customer; increased electrical voltage in the mains; natural disasters; mechanic damage of the hull or its individual elements.

In those cases the defect can only be removed when the user pays the appropriate amount of money.

This guarantee is an addition and it does not limit the user’s rights according to the European legislation. Regardless of the commercial guarantee, the seller is responsible for the lack of conformity of the goods with the conditions in the sales contract according to the rules of the existing current legislation.