About the Company

Dear users,

We cannot impress you with a long experience and tradition in this production.

We started in 2013 because we had been provoked by the production of low quality grills / the so called fake goods / which are offered at the market these days.

We have had an experience in the sphere of the private business for 25 years.

And we founded one of the first accounting offices in our region. We used the skills of the best engineers, constructors and designers to create and produce a new household tubular electrical grill which is rustproof and everyone would like to use in their household.

In the beginning of 2014 our product underwent rigorous testing and certification of conformity with the European norms in accredited laboratories of the notified body – CTEC / Center for Testing and Certification –www.ctec-sz.com and this is the key to our market as it is said in their logo.

The issued certificate of conformity with the European norms № LVD-14-000-( 2-14-877 )-025 is accepted in almost every European countries and it proves the safety and the quality of our products. This fact made them competitive at the European market where we are, too.

We will owe our success to you – our future clients, that’s why we work and produce our products with much responsibility and professionalism and we are confident that you will appreciate them and you will be impressed by them. We are sure for our future and we know that we will have a lot of challenges.

Thank you in advance for choosing our products and we expect you!