One of the main parts of a barbecue is the grill itself. The barbecue is a method of cooking and many people like it because meat, poultry, seafood and vegetables are prepared very well in this way making these foodstuffs very delicious. Pay attention to some reasoning why we must replace frying with grilling:

Disadvantages of frying

When we fry some food, it takes much fat. Eating such food, the level of our blood cholesterol goes up. The high level of the blood cholesterol is very dangerous for our health. Our arteries become clogged in the course of time and this prevents the smooth flow of blood and our blood pressure goes up. The high levels of our cholesterol increases the risk of heart attacks, strokes and diabetes. Fried food increases the calories which we take and we put up weight. When we fry vegetables and other kinds of food, they lose their vitamins because the frying temperature is extremely high .As well as fried foodstuffs are difficult to digest and pressure our digestive organs. This leads to diseases of the digestive tract and the bail. The healthy alternative to frying is grilling.

Health benefits of grilling

The grilled food has low contents of fats because while it is grilling the fats are melting. In this way the food is healthy and has less fats and calories which helps us to regulate our weight and to be healthy. The low fat intake leads to the reduction of the blood cholesterol. The healthy levels of it prevent heart attacks, strokes, high blood pressure, diabetes and improve your health. Grilling guarantees that you will take more nutritional and vitamin values.

Nowadays the marinated meat is recommended because the formation of carcinogenic heterocyclic amides is reduced. These amides are by-products which are fluxed at roasting from the muscle tissues of the red meat, poultry and some kinds of fish. According to the American Institute of Cancer Research the marinating of the meat can prevent the amides to 92-99%.

That’s why dear users, don’t forget that healthy prepared food makes us to be in good health and to have better welfare.

Choosing our electrical tubular grill you must follow the instructions and tips written below in order to prepare the food with pleasure.


Dear users,
You will use the grill safely and longer if you follow these rules:

  • Plug the grill only into the electrical network of rated voltage of 220 V.
  • The electrical installation must be properly made and allow the grill to work together with other household appliances simultaneously.
  • Don’t extend the AC three-wire rubber cable.If necessary you can use an extender coupler which must be similar to the original power cable model Schuko.
  • Don’t pull the cable when you want to unplug it.
  • If the power cable is damaged, it must be replaced with a new one by an electrician.
  • When the grill is working, you mustn’t clean or mend it.
  • The grill mustn’t be used as a heater. You must use the grill only for grilling food.
  • While working the grill must be put on a heat-resistant, incombustible base and at the distance of no less than 20 cm from easily flammable materials and things.
  • The working temperature of the grill is very high so you mustn’t touch it with bare hands in order to avoid burning. You must use spatulas and tongs. Don’t move the grill when it is still hot.
  • Children and old people mustn’t use the grill without control if they are physically or mentally disturbed or they don’t know how to use it. Don’t allow the children to play with the grill.
  • Don’t pour water or other liquids on the hot grill. If the grill is wet, dry and wipe it before using it.
  • Keep the power cable off the working area in order not to touch the hot one because the cable will be melted and damaged.
  • If the grill is out of order, unplug it and call an electrician.


No one can resist the delicious and tempting smell coming from the grilling food put on a working grill. People like using electrical grills because they work easily with them. You must plug them and they start grilling. You prepare food on them easily and safely because there isn’t open fire or flammable liquids and gases.

Plug and heat the grill about 5-10 minutes before start grilling. Well-heated grill works better and grills the food properly and avoids sticking the meat on it and keeps it juicy. Before putting the food on the grill, grease it with fat when the grill is slightly warm to prevent the lean meat or other food sticking on it.

First put the food on the front part of the working area of the grill and then on the back. In this way the radiant heat won’t burn your hands.

When you clean and maintain your grill well, it will be in good condition and you will use it longer. The most important feature of this grill is that it has an excellent corrosion resistance because it is made of high quality stainless materials. This facilitates the maintenance of the grill. In the course of operating time, the colour of the working area may change a little, but you needn’t worry about it- this won’t hinder to use it.

The construction of the grill can be cleaned easily. The tray is the dirtiest part of the grill, so from time to time you must remove it and clean it. You can wash it under running water with some detergents like any other utensils or wash it in a dishwasher. The cover of the grill can be cleaned in the same way when you remove it from the body of the grill. You can clean the tubular heaters roughly with the chrome-nickel spatula or with a wire brush, then you can wash them with some hot detergent solution, a plastic brush or a towel. We recommend you to use aerosol cleaners – you can spray the surface with them, wait for some time as it is written on the instructions of the aerosol cleaners and then wipe it with a sponge or a microfiber cloth.

You mustn’t clean the tubular heaters with running water and you mustn’t soak them, as well as you mustn’t dry them plugging the grill in the electrical network.


Dear users, keep the environment clean and take your old and worn out household electrical appliances to the stations for recyclables.

Don’t throw such appliances in the garbage cans and bins for domestic litter!