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When the United European Market was founded, the European Union implemented a specific legislation for some categories of products which are sold at the market. Our country is part of this legislation.

According to this legislation manufacturers / except the ones who are not members of the EU / are obliged to put a CE marking on their goods which will be sold at the markets in the Zone of the EU and they fall into the European Directives “New Approach”. The aim of these directives is to harmonize the safety requirements, i.e. to bring together the legislations of the Member States of the EU as regards to the safety requirements. This facilitates the movement of goods in the Member States of the EU. Putting the mark, the manufacturers declare that their products meet these requirements and the procedures for conformity assessment are fulfilled / these procedures are described in the respective directives /. The manufacturers are also obliged to make up a technical documentation and to sign a declaration of conformity.

CE marking doesn’t mean that a certain product is produced in European Economic Area, but it merely indicates that before releasing it on the market the product was assessed and tested and that it meets and conforms to the applicable legislation requirements which allows it to be sold there.

Unfortunately some manufacturers do fraud and abuse of the CE marking and we can never guarantee 100% for the safety of a product, carrying a CE marking. That’s why the EU established some bodies for market surveillance and supervisory authorities. Their roles are to protect consumers from dangerous goods as far as it is possible. This surveillance or supervisory control is done by regular checks of the manufacturers, of the importers and of the distributors; by checks and testing of the products and by taking actions in case that the requirements aren’t followed. These actions include a seizure of dangerous goods from the consumers, a withdrawal of products from the market, a destruction of goods and fines or other kinds of sanctions.

Since our product inherently doesn’t hide greater risks / for example such as gas stoves or chainsaws /, the legislation doesn’t oblige us to be safety checked by an independent organization, determined by national authorities. But in order to guarantee a high level of safety of our product and to defend the consumers’ interests, we assigned an external notified firm to carry out these checks and testing / CTEC / Center for Testing and Certification Ltd.- Stara Zagora, which confirms the safety of the product by issuing a certificate of conformity with the European norms № LVD-14-000-( 2-14-877 )-025.

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